1 - How do I earn cashback?

To earn cashback, sign in to virginmoneyback.com and use either the search bar at the top to find a specific retailer, or browse the different retail categories listed across the top.

To start shopping, click on ‘Shop now’ next to the offer you want. A new tab with the retailer’s website will then open and you can make your purchase as normal using your Virgin Money Credit Card and we’ll take care of the cashback.

Please do not go to the retailer’s website directly as we won’t be able to track your cashback. Also, please don’t use a promotional code or voucher code unless we have provided it.

We’ve listed some more information below that you might find helpful.

How do I clear my cookies?

To ensure we are classed as the referrer for your purchase and so we can track your purchases correctly, our cookies must be placed on your computer prior to a purchase.

Clearing cookies from your computer prior to clicking through to Virgin Money Back will help prevent another website from getting paid for your purchase and mean that your purchase can be tracked back to your Virgin Money Back account.

To clear cookies, follow these steps for your chosen browser:

Internet Explorer

  •  Open Internet Explorer.
  •  Select the tools button (in the top right corner) and then select internet options.
  •  On the general tab, under browsing history, select delete.
  •  Tick the cookies and website data check box, and then select delete.



  •  Open Chrome.
  •  Select the Chrome menu (in the top right corner) and then go to tools > clear browsing data.
  •  Change the time range to ‘the beginning of time’ and make sure the cookies check box is ticked.
  •  Select clear browsing data.



  •  Open Safari.
  •  Select the safari menu button (in the tool bar) and then go to preferences.
  •  Select privacy and then select remove all website data.
  •  Select remove now.



  •  Open Firefox.
  •  Select the menu button (in the top right corner) and then go to history > clear recent history.
  •  Change the time range to ‘everything’ and make sure the cookies check box is ticked.
  •  Select clear now.

2 - What do the statuses ‘pending’, ‘confirmed’, ‘payable’ and ‘declined’ mean?

When you shop with virginmoneyback.com the retailer will let us know.

They will report the transaction to us and it will show in your Virgin Money Back account as ‘pending’. This lets you know your purchase has been recorded.

Around 30 to 45 days later your cashback status will change to ‘confirmed’. This means the retailer has now confirmed you have met all of the criteria for receiving the cashback e.g. you haven’t returned the purchase. This lets you know the cashback will be coming soon.

Your cashback status then changes to ‘payable’, normally around 90 days from your initial purchase, but it is different depending on the retailer. You can now ask us to send the cashback amount to your bank account when you want us to.

Your cashback status may also change to ‘declined’ if the retailer confirms they are not going to pay the cashback.

3 - Why does it take so long for my cashback to become payable?

We have to wait until the retailer has recorded and confirmed your transaction. This can take around 90 days from your initial purchase, but it is different depending on the retailer.

4 - Why does my cashback show as declined?

If your transaction is showing as declined, this means the retailer has confirmed they are not going to pay the cashback.

Retailers don’t tell us the reason for the cashback being declined, but it may be because of one of the following reasons:

  •  You cancelled or returned your order or part of it.
  •  You used a promotional code or voucher code not provided by us when making your purchase.
  •  You asked for a quote but didn't make a purchase.
  •  You used a saved quote or a renewal quote to make this purchase.
  •  The retailer pays cashback to new customers only, and you have shopped with this retailer before.
  •  You didn’t complete your order online i.e. it was completed over the phone.
  •  You didn’t meet the Terms and Conditions set out by the retailer. Please refer to retailer’s Terms and Conditions and ‘useful information’ section for full details.

If none of these apply please email us and we'll look into it for you.

5 - How do I make sure I receive my cashback?

While the majority of transactions are tracked successfully sometimes things can go wrong. The main reasons are due to anti-spyware, anti-virus or other protection on your computer which prevents cashback from being tracked.

To help prevent this please consider the following points:


  •  Always start your shopping journey at virginmoneyback.com.
  •  Sign in to your Virgin Money Back account before you make your purchase, otherwise we won’t be able to track it back to you.
  •  Make sure you purchase after clicking through from virginmoneyback.com. Do not click onto any other sites during this process.
  •  Make sure your internet browser and firewall/security software is enabled to allow cookies.
  •  Try clearing the cookies stored on your computer before purchasing.
  •  Check you don't have an ‘ad blocker’ active, or turn this off during your Virgin Money Back visit.


Unfortunately, it’s hard for us to advise more specifically due to the number of factors that can affect cashback tracking.

We’ve listed some more information below that you might find helpful.

What is an ‘ad blocker’?

Ad blocker is a catchall term for any kind of software or hardware that removes ads from a webpage. For most people, it takes the form of browser extensions such as AdBlock or Adblock Plus. To turn this software off go to your browser settings and temporarily disable your ad blocker when visiting Virgin Money Back.

If you’ve tried all these steps and are still experiencing issues, please email us and we’ll do all we can to help you.

6 - Both my purchase price and cashback are lower than I was expecting. Why?

Some retailers will only pay cashback on the ‘excluding VAT’ price and most won’t pay cashback on the delivery cost. This means your cashback will sometimes be awarded against a lower purchase price.

We will let you know in the retailer’s Terms and Conditions and ‘useful information’ section so you are aware before making your purchase.

If your cashback is still less than you were expecting and the amount can’t be accounted for by VAT, delivery or other such costs then please email us with full details of your purchase (please include the order number the retailer provided) and we’ll do all we can to help you.

7 - I wasn't signed in to my account when I made my transaction – is there anything I can do?

In order to be eligible for cashback, you do need to make sure you’re signed in to your account before you complete your purchase.

If you’re not signed in we will have no record to confirm your transaction started from Virgin Money Back which means we won't be able to award you any cashback.

8 - I’ve made a claim for missing cashback – why is it taking so long?

After we receive your claim we will let you know if we need any more information from you. Please make sure you provide us with the order number or email address connected to your order. Without this information the retailer won’t be able to investigate your claim.

Please note, once we’ve submitted your claim, we have to wait for the retailer to process it. It can take 2 to 3 months for your claim to be resolved.

If you have any questions about the status of your claim please email us.

9 - How do I withdraw my cashback?

As long as you have transactions with a ‘payable’ status you can withdraw your cashback.

To do this, go to the ‘Payout’ section of your account (this will only be available once you have transactions that are payable) and follow the online instructions.

10 - I’ve forgotten my password

There are two ways you can re-set your password if you’ve forgotten it - either go to ‘Forgotten my details’ on the Virgin Money Back homepage under the ‘Sign in’ button or go to the ‘Sign in’ page and select ‘Send a password reset email’.

Whichever way you choose, you will be asked to enter the email address you signed up with so that we can send you a link to re-set your password. You should get an email with details of how to reset your password within an hour, if you don’t please check your spam or junk folders.

If you don’t receive a link to re-set your password please email us.

11 - How do I change my password?

To change your password you need to sign in and go to ‘Change your account details’.

Type in your current password, then type in your new password and select ‘Update’ to save the change.

12 - When should I expect to receive a response on my enquiry?

Our dedicated team aim to answer your email within 3 working days.

13 - How do I unsubscribe from Virgin Money Back emails?

To update your email preferences you need to sign in and go to ‘Update your email preferences’.

14 - How do I close my Virgin Money Back account?

We’re sorry you want to close your Virgin Money Back account. Please email us and we’ll arrange this for you. Please transfer any payable cashback into your current account before you tell us that you want to close your account. You will not be paid any ‘pending’, ‘confirmed’ or ‘payable’ cashback once your account has been closed.